Wynden Capital Management is an independent investment boutique that offers individuals and institutions separate accounts managed for long-term capital growth. We believe the combination of our analytical framework and behavioral discipline produces a superior investment approach.

Our investment approach is guided by a few core beliefs.

We believe superior investment results require an approach structured for success. We maintain a proper alignment of interests by investing the majority of our personal financial assets alongside our clients. While we focus on equity securities, we maximize our investment opportunities by having the flexibility to consider any part of the capital structure. We construct concentrated portfolios of well researched, undervalued businesses that meet our conservative investment criteria.

We also believe certain behaviors and mindsets are necessary to avoid emotional errors that can result in investment losses. We view risk as the potential for permanent loss of capital. We use an appropriate time horizon to evaluate underlying business values. We rely on sound investment principles, common sense, and contrary views.

Finally, we believe that taking a business owner’s perspective helps us answer three important investment questions: is the business a good business, will its value increase over time, and what is the business worth today. There is a difference between buying stocks and investing in businesses. We are focused on the latter.




John McCollum, CFA
• Wynden Capital Management, Founder and Partner / 17 years investment experience
• Heritage Trust Company, Chief Investment Officer, Director
• Dell Computer Corporation and Dell Financial Services
• Vanderbilt University, MBA University of Texas

Jay Douglass, CFA, CAIA
• Wynden Capital Management, Founder and Partner / 17 years investment experience
• LJD Partners, Managing Partner
• Trusco Capital Management, Equity Research Analyst
• Texas Christian University


Wynden Capital Management

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